Sensual Gay Massage Incalls Acton

Sensual Gay Massage Acton W3

Your Pleasure - one call away ☎ 078 7087 2802

Sensual Gay Massage Acton London W3 for Fit Men of all ethnicty

Prices from 100 pounds for 60 minutes 

Want the best sensual massage you can find? I could be the man you’re looking for. Serving men since 1993, I’m told I’m a Master of my Craft. Men of all Ethnicity welcomed.

From 130 GBP for 90 minutes.☎ 078 7087 2802 


I love massaging fit, muscular men, bodybuilders, athletes, gymnasts, cyclists, sportsmen of all types, because you’re great fun to massage, and appear to love the way I do it.

This is a special, unique and exclusive massage. If you like what you see, get in touch.

sensual-massage-sessionThe massage helps you completely relax, with pleasantly surprising results, often with a 97% reduction in pain associated with over-training, competing, or just playing hard for a long time.

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You don’t have to be gay, either. You may be married, bi-sexual, or curious- it really doesn’t matter. It’s how you identify with feeling at the time.

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I stand by my promise to do my utmost to give you the most wonderful massage you ever tasted. I love doing it, and you’ll love getting it. Right on your core muscles. No pun intended. My ‘tongue-in-cheek’ style can’t resist the odd quip.

Massing a fine sexy arse!

Take a look at the massage services I provide, check the Terms of Indulgence and Are We a Good Fit? page, then, get in touch. I’ll do my best to fit you in, as I hate to disappoint you. 

Go on. Be Brave. You won't regret it. Be the man you deserve to be 😉  Et lingam est enormiet sont very juicy dicserratum! 😉