Sensual Gay Massage Incalls Acton

Sensual Gay Massage Incalls Acton.  Men of all Ethnicity welcome.

Looking for special, uniquely sensual gay massage?  I may just be your man.


Did you watch the video?  Do you want what Tariq is having? If so, get in touch.  Fit, muscular men are especially welcome.

My massage is unique, full-on and enjoyable, really helping you to relax and let go of tension completely, with, often, surprising results.

Based in Acton, West London, I provide the best sensual gay massage my guys have ever had. Call me on 07870872802. I'm told I provide the best massage in West London and I'm the first choice for guys who're connoisseurs of touch. 

You don’t have to be gay to have sensual massage. You may be married, bi-sexual, or curious. Or love the idea of male-bonding. Whatever your reason, the massage effects are very profound, and, as one guy recently said to me, “exquisitely erotic.”

Are we a good fit?

Read Let's find out! (to find out whether we are or not), and the Terms of Indulgence.  Please ensure you're happy with everything before getting in touch.

The video shown is of the Sensual Circle Massage. The difference between this, and my usual massage, is, no red LED's, nor rose petals. 

To avoid doubt, please check with me when booking. Sensual Circle Massage costs 140 GBP for 90 minutes, and takes at least an hour to prepare.

Are we a good fit?

Massage is my passion. I stand by my promise that I'll do my very best to give you the most wonderful massage you ever tasted in your life. I love it, so you'll love it, too.

For any man to have truly good health, he must have a balance between stress, which is the instinctive fight/ flight/freeze reaction, and pleasure, the antidote. If you don't, you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, with little sense of freedom, release or enjoyment.

Sensual Massage is ideal escape for today's hard-working man, regardless of his sexual persuasion. As well as being sensual, it helps you calm, restoring your vitality and energy. If you love touch, it's for you. 

It's completely tailored to your needs. Entirely unique to you, and nobody else.

Very dedicated. Very special. Very You.