Sensual Gay Massage

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Sensual Gay Massage Incalls Acton London

Men of all Ethnicity welcome.

85 GBP = 90 Minutes. 

Available 7 days, 8am to 10pm.

Sensual Gay Massage Incalls Acton with Steve, your masseur

Naked Sensual Gay Massage is my passion. Everything I stand for.

It gives me tremendous joy. Because it gives you such joy.

I love it more than anything else in the world.

So you’ll love it more than anything else, too. 

Young and fit men appear to love being massaged by me, as I’m mature and well experienced.

covered and warm

Modern life pressure causes stress.

It can be quite dangerous, raising blood-pressure and cholesterol.

It’s vital to counter these effects.

Good health means striking balance between stress (your instinctive fight/ flight/freeze reaction), and pleasure ( the antidote).

Otherwise, you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Enjoying the touch

Sensual Massage is ideal escape for today’s man, regardless of his sexual persuasion.

As well as being sensual, it helps you calm, restoring vitality and energy.

Reducing blood-pressure and cholesterol.

If you thrive on touch, its for you.

Great connection

Its completely tailored to your needs.

Entirely unique to you, and nobody else.

That’s why its so dedicated.

So special. So naked. So you.

Fit and muscular men especially welcome.

Which of these massage styles would you like?

  • Sensual: Purely gentle, intimate and intuitive, with the intention of pleasing and completely relaxing you.
  • Sensual Deep Tissue Combo: Powerful firm massage with some body contact, combined with tender, intimate touch. You decide how much time is spent doing deep tissue, and sensual. Discuss it with me when you call, or when you see me.
  • Sensual Circle Massage:  Sensual Circle massage is done at floor level, on a Futon.  Here, we’re encircled by a ring of warm, sensual red light- the Sacred Sensual Circle.

Glass table view

I talk with you to find out your needs.

If you want, I give you a big hug when you arrive.  Please read the Terms of Indulgence page. These give you some guidance about your and my expectations during sensual massage.

studio cupboards and refreshments table

The private studio is warm (during winter), pleasantly cool in the summer. The massage couch is comfortable ( heated in winter), really adding to comfort.

I use warm Coconut oil (pure, fresh-pressed from organic Coconut Kernel, mixed with Grapeseed oil. After a shower, your skin will feel fantastic.

Candles are lit. Gentle ambient music is playing.

Lighting and heating are adjusted to suit you.

 I like you to feel welcome, happy to offer refreshments.

refreshments 1

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or water?

refreshments 2

Leave stress behind. Be deliberately irresponsible.

Enjoy it without guilt.  Unwind. Feel safe.

Be warm and nurtured.

Never rushed.

Close your eyes.

Be aware of your body.

Be completely passive for the best effect.

Enjoy my touch.

Breathe. Be free.

Express yourself.

Like Antonio in the video, try to completely relax.

 When you relax and let go, your body will do the same.

Tension completely melts away.

Please read the Terms of Indulgence page before you contact me to book, as this is really important. Thank you.

90 minutes of endless pleasure = 85 GBP