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London's most bespoke, dedicated sensual and erotic gay male massage. My passion, skill, experience and gentleness goes into making your best massage.

Looking for the best massage you can find? I know you are. That's why I love to make sure you get the best. I'm tremendously passionate about massage in every form. I love using all my experience, gentleness, passion, and skills mixed deliciously together, to create your perfect male massage, regardless of whether you're straight, gay, bi-sexual or just curious, or married. My sole, guiding mission is to make you really, really happy. Because, when you're really happy, it makes me even happier.

Complete Full-body sensual Massage

I massage you on a futon. It's heated, so you feel warm, and I massage with my whole body. As you can see in the photos, we're naked during the massage. It can be deep, strong and powerful, or feather-light and intensely intimate. It's all totally sacred, and completely unlike anything you've felt before.  I massage every part of you, including genitals, outside of the anus, your Perineum ( the area between your arse and balls), leaving no stone unturned. I also use some yoga-like postures, which keeps you supple, and adds to your male to male massage pleasure.

Picture of Tantric Massage

The environment is quite Bohemian, and of Moroccan influence, with decadent fabrics adding to a rich, ritualistic and spiritual atmosphere. I use an eclectic music playlist, however you're very welcome to bring your MP3 player and use music you like best. I can, if you like, also play ambient background sounds like rain and soft peels of thunder, or forest sounds, which can also add to the effects.


How does sensual massage work?

Sensual massage works in a similar way to Tantric. Large amounts of tension are often held in the lower back and round our arse. There's nothing more tasty than having this tension taken away, with teasing, deliberate skilled massage in all the right places. Locked up energy is released, liberating and rebalancing you. This energy is released through your Chakras ( the body's energy system), and lets you experience bodily pleasure more deeply. You will feel more gratified and uplifted. Massage of this kind can be hard to find, but if you like what I offer, then you've found it.

Nurturing and supportive massage is a good way to help you do this. There's no expectation of you, and, if you have the right dedication, intention and concentration from the person massaging you, you'll experience better release. You are welcome to a happy ending, if it's what you like, making your male massage really erotic. 

I excel at combining sensitivity and observation to give the best sensual male massage with careful, listening, and powerful touch. This removes pain, knots and tension, and makes every nerve in your body tingle and tremble with pleasure. It's essential that you breathe deeply and regularly throughout your gay male massage.

 Experiencing the best massage

I work with integrity, intuition, and above all, with your best interest at the core of the massage. I encourage you to breathe deeply and consciously throughout. As you do, you'll begin to relax, and enter a world of sublime, passionate massage, from a big, strong but very gentle man, and you'll be in Heaven before you can blink. I'm complimented on the natural, naturist massage style I offer.

First, very light and gentle, then, beautiful, firm, connected and clinging. Smoothing and ironing out the painful bits in huge, stimulating, sensual armfuls, with a warm coconut and rice bran oil mix, which delights your senses even more. I'll take you somewhere far, far away. Just you, me, and our senses. Everything we need for an unforgettable gay massage.

I make your massage a memorable, remarkable time, by pouring every ounce of giving I have into it. Your tensions and stresses will disappear into oblivion.  Perfectness. You reach a special space of ultimate serenity and bliss. The idyllic, transcendent state which, in Buddhism, is known as "Nirvana."